Sports Medicine

Run Analysis

Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who has suffered from a lower extremity injury such as a hip, leg, knee, ankle, or foot injury, a licensed physical therapist trained in running gait analysis can help improve your running performance.
We often don’t stop to think about the impact that our feet endure while walking and running and how that impact results in the wear and tear of our muscles, joints, and ligaments.
A running analysis, also known as gait analysis, will assess the way you walk, run, and jump in order to identify overactive or underactive muscles. Once evaluated, corrections and improvements can be implemented that will result in walking and running with less pain.

Golf Swing Analysis

If you are an avid golf player, we can perform a custom analysis to make recommendations to improve the strength of your swing and correct swing faults to reduce the stress on your body. We work on your posture and functional mobility to promote proper golf swing mechanics, and enhance your score on the fairway.

Return to Play Testing

Physical therapists are well versed in progressing athletes of all ages back to their respective field of play. A licensed physical therapist who is also certified as an athletic trainer can help bridge the gap between injury and safe return to game day participation.

Athletic Training Outreach

Dr. Oscar Perez Jr. PT, DPT, ATC, LAT is also a certified and licensed athletic trainer. Athletic Trainers (ATs) are healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians, and provide services for injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Upon request and availability, he is able to provide athletic training outreach services to local schools and at community athletic events.