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Physical Therapy (PT) is the work of prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, rehabilitation and patient education for those who are suffering from an injury, disease, disorder, or condition that has imparied their functional mobility. Physical therapy helps people improve their range of motion, motor skills, strength, coordination, and flexibility.

When it comes to choosing the right medical professional to treat your injuries or condition, we encourage you to find the one that is right for you. Click the link below for the American Physical Therapy Association’s tips to choosing your physical therapist.
Choosing Your PT

Yes. Even when being referred by a doctor to a physical therapist, the choice of where you want to receive that treatment is always yours.

We operate in a direct access state where, if your insurance plan authorizes self-referral to physical therapy, a physician referral is not necessary for you to be seen by a licensed therapist. Please check with your insurance though as many health insurance plans require a physician's referral for therapy to be covered. We also offer treatments, services and/or products that do NOT require a referral and are available on a self-pay basis.

The cost of therapy depends on the nature of your injury, the results of our initial evaluation, and what you want to accomplish. Once you have completed your initial visit, we can provide you with a better understanding of overall cost.

We always recommend checking with your insurance company to be certain. Also, you can
check our list of accepted insurances on our Insurance Information Page to verify if your insurance is listed. Some insurance companies require a referral from your primary care physician before treatment can begin.

A copay is a set amount of money that is due from you on each visit. A coinsurance payment is
a percentage of covered services due from you on each visit. Your insurance policy determines which and how much will be due.

As a service to our patients, we will gladly file claims with your insurance company on your behalf. In order to appropriately submit these claims, we will need to obtain a copy of your insurance identification card to ensure that we have the necessary information.

For patients who do not have insurance, we offer a discounted fee, due at the time of service. We are always willing to work with you to get you the treatment that you need.

At this time we are accepting debit and credit cards. It is our policy that payment is made at the time of service. Your insurance benefits will be determined before your second visit, and you will
be informed of what, if any, payment is necessary on that date.

On your first visit you will need to bring a few things. You will need to bring the referral slip from your doctor. You will also need to bring your insurance cards and a Photo I.D. Please arrive 15 minutes early on your first visit to fill out any necessary paperwork.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you have a low back or knee injury, bring a pair of shorts or sweatpants.

Your initial evaluation will take approximately an hour and a half (1.5) to two (2) hours. Your regular appointments will take approximately one hour, depending on the complexity of treatment.

Usually our patients come to therapy for 12-24 visits, which usually run 4-8 weeks (on average).

The regularity of your visits will be determined after your initial evaluation, but most patients have 2-3 visits each week scheduled. You can also continue your treatments at home using information provided by your therapist.

Yes! Physical therapy is a "game plan" that only works when there is dedication from all team members. We want you to see results so that you can get back to doing the things you need to
be able to do, want to be able to do, and to also help prevent further injury. Not completing
treatment will keep you from recovering fully and getting stronger.

Most patients will notice a difference by the 2nd or 3rd visit. Obviously, everyone is different and response times to treatment may vary. If you feel that you are not progressing on schedule, please consult your therapist and express your concerns.

Upon discharge, you will be given a home exercise program to further enhance your rehabilitation outcome and prevent the possibility of future re-injury. You also have the option to participate in our Wellness Program.

Yes, physical therapy is effective in conjunction with treatment provided by other providers. We believe in communicating and working closely with your other providers to optimize your recovery.