Ankle & Foot Injury/Pain

Ankle & Foot Injury/ Pain

Why does my ankle hurt?

Most often, ankle pain is associated with acute injury such as an ankle sprain. Although there are different types of ankle sprains, the most common is an inversion sprain which occurs by twisting of the foot inward. Ankles sprains happen when the foot and ankle joint is forced beyond its normal range of motion limits. As a result, the surrounding ligaments over stretch and or tear. Symptoms associated with sparing an ankle include: swelling, burising, sharp pain, and inability to place weight onto involved foot/ankle. Ankle injuries can happen to anyone, but athletes and people required to stand the majority of their day are most susceptible. Once someone suffers an ankle sprain they increase their chances of future sprains. A physical therapist can evaluate and effectively treat ankle injuries by reducing your pain, improving your joint range of motion, strengthening surrounding muscle, and restore the joint’s stability so you can get back to doing what your love

Why does my foot hurt?

For people who are ambulatory, having foot pain can significantly impact their everyday life. Having foot pain can affect your ability to tolerate standing and or walking activities, especially if your occupation demands prolonged standing. Many times foot pain can be easily self-treated, but other times it requires a trained professional’s intervention to effectively alleviate symptoms and prevent long term side effects.

One common foot condition is known as plantar fasciitis which affects the bottom part of the foot from heel to toe. People who suffer from plantar fasciitis usually describe the pain as “stabbing” especially “when I first get out of bed in the morning.” They usually report the stabbing morning pain eases as the day goes on. Runners are susceptible to foot and other lower leg pain due to the increased demand placed on their feet by their activity. Physical therapy can help get you back on your feet!

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Physical therapists are well versed in treating functional and mobility impairments associated with the following ankle/foot injuries