Knee Injury/Pain

Knee Injury/ Pain

Why does my knee hurt?

Knee pain can significantly impact your standing tolerance, mobility, ability to work, reduce enjoyable time with loved ones, and degrade your overall quality of life. We depend on having healthy pain-free knees so we can perform simple tasks such as independently standing up from a chair, and even more personal activities such as kneeling down to pray.

Some people experience knee pain suddenly due to an acute injury, strain, or sprain, but some folks have dealt with the chronic pain due to conditions such as progressive osteoarthritis. Not all knee pain originates after direct trauma, but rather the pain manifests overtime due to mechanical deficits of the joints, bones, and muscles elsewhere. If you can pinpoint how, when, and where you first noticed your symptoms it can help a physician or physical therapist diagnose and treat your condition or injury appropriately.

Once an appropriate diagnosis has been determined, a physical therapist can design a custom treatment plan and work toward goals focusing on what is important to you.